What is HubSpot's new Content Hub?

What is HubSpot's new Content Hub?

HubSpot has just announced a new product, Content Hub. It incorporates the features of CMS Hub and comes with some pretty cool new features like AI Translations, Brand Voice, Content Remix, and Content Library. Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-powered Content Marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey.

Why Content Hub?

Many marketing teams have scarce resources. It is difficult to stand out with quality content when the channels are cluttered with so much noise. New channels and evolving algorithms demand a constant stream of rich, expert content in various formats. We all know how difficult and time-consuming creating valuable content in multiple formats is. The new Content Hub is designed to answer these pain points.

Content Hub is packed with features that solve the pain points of the modern omni-channel marketer. Here's our pick list of some of the interesting new – or newly packaged – features.

Content Remix

Content Remix takes an existing blog post or page and generates new content, such as landing pages, ads, social posts, images, blog posts, and more. You can repurpose the content for more channels and create entire campaigns with just a few clicks.

HubSpot Content Hub | Content Remix flow

Brand Voice

Define your brand voice and ensure consistency in messaging by using past writing samples. Then, use AI Content Assistant and AI Blog Post Generator to create new blogs, pages, SMS, Email, and social content using your tone and brand voice.

HubSpot Content Hub | Brand Voice


Podcast hosting is simply awesome because it helps extend your reach by repurposing written content into engaging podcasts. Just provide a written copy of the show transcript. Podcast Hosting will create an audio podcast, host the file, and syndicate it for use with all popular podcast providers. 


Previously known as the CMS Hub, Content Hub now includes CRM-powered websites as you know them today. Create and edit content using a drag-and-drop visual editor and add personalised features without touching code. Build lightning-fast websites with a custom-built theme for your unique business needs, or utilise ready-made themes from the App marketplace.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content is available in Content Hub, as it was in CMS Hub before. Use HubDB to manage listings and libraries. HubDB allows you to manage and make changes from a single place.


Memberships allow you to create exclusive pages and blogs for selected audiences. These pages are protected by a login or password and are not visible to other users.

Member blog

Member's blog allows you to offer exclusive blog content to your users. It's the same principle as membership pages but in a blog format.

AI Translations and Multilingual Management

Create, manage and optimise multi-language pages. AI Translations translate your pages and blog posts, making it more efficient to generate content in multiple languages. 

Good to know

Existing CMS Hub customers keep access to current features

Existing CMS Hub customers will retain access to all their current features. In addition, old CMS Hub customers will get some new features, like the Gated Content Library, Gated Blogs, Basic Blog Post Generator, AI Website Builder, AI Image Generation, and Blog Post Narration.

However, Content Remix, Brand Voice, Podcasts, Content Embeds, AI Content Translation, and Custom Blog Post Generator will not be included without upgrading to Content Hub.

Get it with a Marketing+ Bundle

Marketing+ Bundle includes both Marketing Hub and Content Hub at a discounted price. It's available at Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.  

Want to learn more about the new Content Hub features or explore the possibility of purchasing the discounted Marketing+ bundle? Get in touch!